Midwest Movement ~ Chicago 

Top 12 Illinois ~ Midwest Movement 

  • Bump J
  • G Herbo
  • Chief Keef
  • Fredo Santana
  • Lil Bibby
  • King Louie
  • Sherm N Demand
  • Dolla Breezy
  • Jay Enormus
  • Sasha Go Hard
  • Dreezy
  • Montana 300

MIDWEST MOVEMENT Chicago iL - Miranda Ryte --''Got Da Sauce'' WALACAMTV.COM.ITS ON!


MIDWEST MOVEMENT - CHICAGO Artist - SoLow RedLine - '' DOPE '' WalaCamtv ITS ON..

MIDWEST MOVEMENT Chicago iL - Artist - Lil Keisha - ''No Way'' WALACAMTV.COM ITS ON..


MIDWEST MOVEMENT - Artists-Nosleep BuGatti x Almighty "know me now" #walacamtv its on..


Saint "The Outcome" (Chicano Rap) Chicago Puerto Rican Rap 🇵🇷 Humbolt Park


Emerg "Bang" [NEW CHICANO RAP 2018!!!] Pilsen Chicago Drill Trap Hip-Hop

Emerg is one half member of the group Hustle Or Die. Emerg is from the south side of Chicago in the Pilsen area. Emerg's new FREE album titled "State Of Emergency" Link Below…/Emerg... Website : Sound Cloud:…/…/em... ! Twitter: @Hustleordiestudios Facebook: Facebook: Filmed by: illa music LIKE.COMMENT.SHARE.SUBSCRIBE.

 Nyzzy Nyce - Midwest Movement Indiana 

Nyzzy Nyce - Midwest Movement Indiana 



Midwest Movement ~ Indiana

Top 12 Indiana Midwest Movement

  • Yung Ron
  • Pudgee Da Prophet
  • Skrill
  • Slim Jesus
  • Nyzzy Nyce
  • DJ Rupp
  • J Quote
  • Mally
  • Silly
  • Kinfolks
  • Kid Bufkin
  • Cartel


New artist slim Jesus goes nuts in a feature track



Poopy Weaver x Butta x Yung Ron x Pudgee Da Prophet x Skrill - Fort Wayne Threats

The Initiated Movement Links Up with So Dope ENT and Stack Money For a Hot Cypher With The hottest rappers in the fort wayne rap game

 Tay Beez ~ Iowa Midwest Movement 

Tay Beez ~ Iowa Midwest Movement 



Midwest Movement ~ Iowa

Top 12 Midwest Movement ~ Iowa

  • Gwala
  • Kemyst
  • BMG
  • Big Bang DBT
  • KP
  • Lil Scoobie
  • G.P. da Kid
  • Bam
  • Hawk City Hustlaz
  • D Luck
  • Big Faces
  • King Tat

Kemyst - Iowa - Official Music Video

Music video from the upcoming album "The Experiment" by Kemyst. Recorded and Mastered by Zeaphy. Produced by Sean Divine. ***Watch Kemyst open for MGK on Oct 7th at Seven Flags Event Center, IA** Music Video written, directed, produced and edited by Attackships On Fire. Cinematography by Zebra Visual. Makeup by Oddly Lovely and Liz Bottoms.

Gwala - Iowa Niggas/Ely - Yo Clique | Shot By @TroyBoyTheBeast 

Official Music Video  For Videos Contact:

ESD Cypher (Des Moines Edition) | Shot By @TroyBoyTheBeast © 2017

Artists (in order): Jay Foster Dat Dude Biggz Atkins Flea Da Genius Smoov Gilla Joey Ashby Sponsored by Elite Sound & Design Studios Official Music Video (2016) For Videos Contact:

 Ayel ~ Kansas Midwest Movement 

Ayel ~ Kansas Midwest Movement 



Midwest Movement ~ Kansas

Top 12 Midwest Movement ~ Kansas

  • Sheven
  • KJ
  • Suave Sosa
  • Rece Nickelz
  • Jus B
  • Da 2nd Letter
  • A Ward
  • Feddy Eddy
  • Nasty Will
  • Liquid Prozak
  • Kartez Marcel
  • Randall Rhymes

TheRealStreetz of Wichita, Kansas

A short video on the community of the North Side of Wichita Kansas featuring Wichita Rappers Randall Rhymes and Da 2nd Letter. Randall Rhymes - Da2ndLetter - Watch the other interviews at "wichita rappers" "wichita ghetto" "wichita hood" "wichita documentary"

Kansas City Higher Art Cypher video ft. A.Ward, B-Shock, Sauce Remix, Jus B, & LOX - Christian Rap

"Higher Art KC is a movement of hip hop artists who's desire is to make art that challenges the community & brings glory to God - thus the term Higher Art." Buy this track on iTunes: All of the funds made from the song through digital networks will be donated to urban missions. The first is 'Nile Valley Aquaponics' which is designed to address the food desert in Kansas City, MO by producing fish and vegetables in a controlled sustainable enviroment. Featuring: LOX, Jus B, Below the Messenger, Sauce Remix, Cole DeRuse, Rece Nickelz, B.Harris, Majesty, Steven Darnell, Kartez Marcel, Undergrad, A.Ward, ( B-Shock, Dawg Beats, Qeeloe)





Directed By: Steven Rossco

KJ is 1 of the most entertaining artist that has blossomed from the crime ridden streets of Kansas City,MO in quite sometime. Don't be surprised to see a lot of material coming from this artist in the near future. For any booking or feature information contact his manager. P.S. We are currently accepting instrumentals of all sorts for KJ's 2nd project. We agree to give producer visual credit everywhere visuals everywhere song is displayed. Producer reserve all ownership rights to instrumental. Email: Manager Contact Info: (816)-646-0535




Dizzy Bates - Mr. MI Get Cha Get'em / Ghetto Cash Gang Production Saginaw MI

Zeal (Dot Dolla) Ft. M Live (MCM) Muskegon Rappers

Dot Dolla Ft. M Live both rep mcm with cameo from Jwalk Grindhard // Muskegon Michigan Rappers

Tee Grizzley - "First Day Out" [Official Music Video]

'My Moment' Mixtape + "First Day Out" Available Now: Spotify: iTunes: Apple Music: Google Play: Subscribe to Tee Grizzley's Channel: Follow Tee: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:




Midwest Movement 

Top 12 Midwest Movement ~ Minnesota 

  • Greg Grease
  • Allen Kingdom
  • Sophia Eris 
  • Zuluzuluu
  • Dem Atlas
  • Kill The Vultures
  • Ness Nite
  • New Jacks
  • Connor Flanagan
  • Mya
  • Chll (Million-dollar Musiq)
  • Nerdy Star

VO - SLIDE OVA NORTH Shotby @Jmoemusic

Hot new up and coming rapper from st.paul eastside MN got minnesota bussing right now !!!!

Sam G Minneapolis/SouthSide [Watch In HD]

Video was on GoHard's youtube page but their page got reported & deleted so the original 1st post of the video views got deleted at 3,000.

So please help Sam G & Two-Sides get them views back, PLUS MORE?

Thank You! Artist: Sam G Song: Minneapolis/SouthSide Dir. Polo & GoHard Productions Download Sam G's 1st mixtape Sam G (S.wagga A.rtistically M.entally G.ranted) Vol. 1 on along with his new EP L.A.M.E Twitter: @TSESamG, @PoloGohard, @GoHardTheMag

Minnesota Female Rappers Cypher (Part Two)






Midwest Movement

Top 12 Wala Cam Midwest Movement ~ Mississippi

  • Alpoko Don (Dondada)
  • CollegeBoy
  • Sipp Mob
  • Ace Pachino
  • Ladii Blaztoff
  • Lil G
  • Trapp Tarrell
  • Darris J
  • Skinny
  • James J
  • J Skillz The King
  • Dough Belly

Hood rapper Alpoko Don (Dondada) goes in! Please Like and Share.


ScottyCain and MafiaMuzik in GulfPort Ms. ShotBy: Marley985


Lil Sipp Official Video

Allegedly there are rumors going around saying that this Mississippi rapper by the name of #LilSipp is #GucciMane's son. Somebody sent these pictures and from the looks of it he may have a long lost child of his. He dresses, looks, raps, and acts like him from the looks of this new video he just dropped. Did Lil Sipp get arrested from rumors of drug and weapon possession and is Gucci Mane his father people are dying and wanting to know.,, #GucciMane #LilSipp #LilSipp Father #WarnerBrosRecords

 Bo Dean

Bo Dean


Midwest Movement ~Missouri

Top 12 Midwest Movement ~ Missouri

  • Morawsha
  • Finesse
  • Ling Ent
  • Missouri Meach
  • DJ Rockette
  • Bizzy
  • Jake The Snake
  • Tef Poe
  • Mvster Mind
  • Rec Riddles
  • JR
  • Kevin C Johnson

My top 10 Stl rappers

10.) A1- Has the looks and the voice. He could be higher, but he don't have as much solo material. He has two mix tapes with another artist that goes by the name of TK that you can find on spinrilla. Coming from downtown 1600 Ofallon place be on the look out for him. 9.) Dee Huncho- a gritty artist from the North Side Dub DST, who really lives his raps. He just burst on the scene a few months ago after being released from jail. He is now back in jail. Free Dee Huncho. 8.) Jizzle BANDZ- a young hustler from the south side of St. Louis/Peabody Projects. Another rapper who really lives what he raps. He is known for Bing flashy and was recently just shot. You can find his mix tape Heart of the3rd on Spinrilla and Heart of the 3rd 2 comes out in a few weeks. 7.) AMR Freak- another rapper from off the north side Dub DST, who's made his name in the streets and lives his raps. He had a nice run which started about a year ago, getting features from young scooter and Lil Durk, while getting his videos shot by Azae. He could be higher, but he is in federal holding right now awaiting trial so he haven't really dropped any new music. Free Freak. 6.) STAPE- a rapper who has been buzzing in St. Louis for a while. He has also picked up a couple big name features with G Herbo and skippa da flippa. He is one of the few serious rappers out of St. Louis and has a great team behind him. Will he be the one to open the doors up for St. Louis artist? 5.) Buzzie- Buzzie is hands down one of the best rappers in St. Louis. Coming from Downtown/NorthSide St. Louis 2300 Curve, he is another rapper who the streets can vouch for. He could have easily been number 2 or 3 but he was just released from jail. That didn't stop him from dropping two bangers that is coming out on his long anticipated mix tape. With this, he will be one of the top artist competing for the number 1 spot in St. Louis. 4.) Luh Half- now you can't mention St. Louis without mentioning Luh Half. One of the top and most viewed artist in St. Louis. Everything he drops goes viral. With a big feature from Dolph, he has the city waiting on that to drop. Hailing from the South Side 3rd district, with a cool laid back demeanor, but would Spazz on a track in a heartbeat. 3.) Nikee Turbo- the most versatile artist on the list. The momentum he has, and constantly dropping videos has him almost at the top of the list. Hailing from the South side 3rd district, he is on his way to the top with highly anticipated mixtapes about to drop. 2.) La4ss- easily one of the hottest artist in St. Louis. With songs on the radio, traveling, features, plus shows. He is leagues ahead of nearly everyone in St. Louis. All except for 1. Hailing from the west side 5100 Skan block, he is one of the reason all eyes are on St. Louis. Right now he's in jail so will this slow down his momentum? We'll have to wait and see. FreeLa4ss 1.) 3 Problems (Luh Tay)- the face of St. Louis artist. Everything he drops is gold. Ever since his counterpart Swagg Huncho was murdered, he hasn't let up off of the game. He's been constantly dropping tracks and doing features. You can't go anywhere without hearing 3 problems. Hailing from downtown 1600Ofallon Place he is truly putting the city on the map.

Anthony BeastMode - Missouri Made

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Midwest Movement ~ Nebraska

Top 12 Midwest Movement ~ Nebraska

  • Chopp Tha Gunner
  • J Crum
  • Guapo North O
  • Antonio Jackson
  • YZ
  • The R3Dam AkA Triple Threat Ent
  • Mojo Mayne 
  • MC Kitten
  • Ill Child

Q and A with Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product, California-based rapper and actress, performed on Oct. 17, 2017, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Snow and her crew brought the “Vibe Higher” tour to the Bourbon Theatre, promoting the mixtape they haven’t even finished recording yet. All month long, the tight-knit collective, with supporting rappers AJ Hernz and Castro Escobar, has been recording tracks on their tour bus by day and lighting up crowds by night.The Daily Nebraskan sat down and talked to Snow Tha Product before her performance about her music, her influences and her struggles as a Latina rapper.

DAME put ya ones up Feat. Ghost the Incredible (Omaha Rap)

Official video shot by Partridge Pictures for Dame featuring Ghost the Incredible Put ya ones up. straight out of Omaha Nebraska!!!

Big Ben Da Prodagy Music Video

Omaha Rapper Big Ben " Da Prodagy" the best white rapper 2014. Continuing with his underground rap.

 Big Reno

Big Reno



Midwest Movement ~North Dakota

Top 12 Wala Cam Midwest Movement ~North Dakota

  • Big Reno
  • Yung Croc
  • Sneak E The Sneakster
  • Frank Waln
  • Stuart James
  • Supaman
  • Good Guy
  • King Blizz
  • J Good
  • Coolie
  • Poundepound
  • Rezzin

Exclusive: "No DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline)" Stuart James Native American Rapper

Stuart James is a Dakota Sioux Native American born and raised on the Spirit Lake Reservation in North Dakota. Stuart is 23 years old and has been sober for 5 years and all credit for a positive lifestyle goes to Hip Hop and prayer. The Dakota & Lakota culture have been a big part of Stuart's life and the message is strong in every song that Stuart releases. The reservation Stuart was raised on is filled with negativity ranging from drugs & alcohol to lateral oppression which forces some of the people to bring each other down rather than lift each other up. Stuart has always kept a level head through the music and prayer and it has made him a strong artist. The lyrics and delivery are powerful and fast paced with truth and knowledge in every line. Stuart's overall message is to spread positivity and peace through Hip Hop speaking on social issues and personal experiences as well. The sky is the limit and beyond for this young Native American man and nothing will hold him back from succeeding. Prayer and music will always overcome any negative and Stuart is a living example of that belief.

Supaman - Why

Supaman and world champion dancer Acosia Red Elk team up on this visually stimulating video for the song called "Why" which is featured on Superman's album "ILLUMINATIVES". Available now. Directed by Tom Clement

North Dakota Hip Hop Cypher

Outside the Money Stackz and Emissary Echo show in Minot,ND

 Frank Waln

Frank Waln



Midwest Movement ~ South Dakota

Top 12 Wala Cam Midwest Movement ~ South Dakota 

  • N8V Ace
  • Jakey
  • M-Gilla
  • Frank Waln
  • Lil'T
  • King Blizz
  • Cuttin Pete
  • J Good
  • Lowkota
  • Fresh Da Chief
  • Pine Lawn Gangstas
  • The Freestyle Kid

Jakey - South Dakota (Official Music Video)

sorry for the wait. available now on all digital streaming. Spotify - SoundCloud - Bandcamp Free Download - Mastered by my buddy Jazzpah - - - Support Gamer Girls - Dog Ass Fashions - Twitter - Instagram - SoundCloud - Snapchat - dingusjacob Twitch - Spotify -

Put In Work ( Official Video) M-Gilla Sioux Falls South Dakota

M-Gilla “Put In Work” get Put In Work at Follow M-Gilla: Music video by M-Gilla performing "Put In Work" t. (C) 2016 Gorealla Entertainment Recordings, a division of Gorealla Entertainment Inc.

N8V ACE - Native Rap [Official Video]

N8V ACE - Native Rap [Official Video] *Watch in HD quality* For english translation, turn on Closed Captioning. directed by @editz_eye2eye (c)2016 N8VACE



Midwest Movement

Top 12 Wala Cam Midwest Movement ~  Wisconsin

  • Lil Chicken
  • AD of The Crest
  • $killz
  • Opal Ellyse
  • Chaos New Money
  • Sincere Life
  • Destinee Lynn
  • MT
  • Mari Boyz
  • Jay Tizzy
  • Wondabread Rie
  • Very Vuitton

Madison's Dopest Lyricists: 2016 Mad City Mic Club Cypher #1

Madison, Wisconsin's top lyricists showcase their bars in the 2016 Mad City Mic Club: Sincere Life, Chaos New Money, AD of The Crest, and Opal Ellyse go in on a DJ Pain 1 beat. Sponsored by Broadjam, Directed by Trevor Banks and Mr Get Your Buzz Up w/ Niko Carter and Memory. For more information, visit

$killz - "NEVER Goin' Back" Exclusive By @KaufmanProductions

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Lil Chicken - Goin' Crazy With Them Racks [Prod. DeVito Beatz & Emazon Music] (Shot by @TeeGlazedIt)